Roasted Balsamic Chicken


The other thing I … helped make with the chef was this insanely delicious balsamic chicken. Here’s what I know about how to make this a reality again:

– Use chicken with the skin on

– Marinate it for a couple hours in balsamic, garlic, rosemary, (and maybe some other things – I’m sorry)

– Prepare 2 pans that can go on the stove and in the oven (one for the breast pieces and one for the pieces with bone – apparently those take longer to cook) with canola oil and get the pans really hot before you add the chicken skin-side down (this helps them not stick!)

– Put them in a 450*f oven and cook until done – about 15-30 minutes I think, and the breast pieces should be done first. Also apparently if you stick a metal cake tester into the thickest part (or right against the bone) and hold it to just under your bottom lip and it feels hot, then that means it’s done too!

– Let the chicken sit out of the oven for a while. Apparently when meat is cooking the cells constrict so if you cut into it the juices will all run out. If you let it sit for a while the cells will open back up and the juices will all be reabsorbed.

– Top the chicken with: parsley, lemon zest, finishing olive oil, finishing balsamic, glaze from the roasting pans, salt, and pepper

So good!