Roasted Beet and Carrot Salad with Arugula and Limonade Dressing


This was the first time I got to cook with a legit chef. To be fair, they did most of the cooking, but I got to learn a few things!

The Salad:
– Whole beets and bite-sized carrots roasted at 350*f until tender.
Apparently if you roast the beets whole and wrapped in tinfoil or whatever, the juices stay in instead of getting all over your pan.
Roast with:
– Sugar
– Salt
– Rosemary
– (possibly some other stuff that I’m forgetting? I wasn’t there for that part)

When the veggies are cool, cut up the beets (peel them, I guess) and then add
The Dressing:
– Lemon juice
– White balsamic
– Olive oil
– Canola oil
– Salt
– Pepper
– Sugar
Apparently it should be 2 parts acid to 1 part oil, but we just tasted it til it tasted right. Also apparently salt makes things taste better because it releases the flavor molecules up into the air so your nose can get them better – who knew!

At the very end (so it doesn’t wilt) toss in:
– Arugula

And serve! Delicious and perfect for fall.