Banana Avocado Bread


How does everything start? I googled ‘avocado’ and ‘banana’ and found this recipe from Living Healthy with Chocolate. I was chatting with a friend about it before I made it and she asked what the avocado was replacing, and I couldn’t think of what because there’s still egg and oil. Well, I think it should have replaced the oil because the result was so moist it was almost like pudding cake! There were other issues with it too, but it had good flavor and it’s an interesting idea, so I would definitely recommend experimenting with it. Basically this is it:

Mix together the dry:
– 3c almond flour (which apparently isn’t actually that good for you so my world is turned upside down, but lets pretend we didn’t read that)
– 3tsp baking soda (which you can actually kind of taste in the final product – this was true of my bagels too – not bad, but odd. Maybe add less?
– 1tsp salt

Blend the wet (with your immersion blender if you want!)
– 2 bananas (they said 1 1/2c, which I thought was about the same? This may have been part of the problem)
– 2 avocados (they said 1 1/2c, which I thought was about the same? This may have been part of the problem as well…)
– 2 eggs
– 3tbsp coconut oil – they actually said 6! Wow I’m glad I forgot to double that one (Did I mention the original recipe is for a mini loaf and I made a regular? This will become relevant information when I forget to adjust the baking time)
– 2tsp vanilla
– 4tbsp honey

– Mix it all together. Add in walnuts (or they call for macadamia nuts)
– Bake in a greased loaf pan at 350*f – for their mini loaf they said 45-50 minutes. I tried only baking mine for 40 because I didn’t remember what they said or that I’d doubled it. Also I actually have toothpicks now instead of just seeing if a knife comes out clean, and the toothpick looked pretty clean! but then it started to fall apart when I was trying to get it out of the loaf pan, so I put it back in for 10 minutes and then just left it in the cooling oven overnight – why not?

End result: heavy, decadent, not overly-sweet, super moist but still cut-able, green-tinted banana bread. Who knew!