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Slow-Cooker Chicken Curry over Spaghetti Squash

Always looking for new things to do with chicken, and new things to do with my crockpot. Well, here’s one I took from A Brown Table that did not disappoint: – Put spices… Continue reading

Spicy Ginger Garlic Cold-Killer Soup

Well, I’ve been struck with it again – a winter cold, or maybe the flu, not sure, but definitely sure about the winter part. But this soup helped! I was looking for some… Continue reading

Indian Veggie Curry

I’m on a new health kick with some of my coworkers and friends, and part of it involves really cooking enough to feed myself during the week. This massive curry which I sort… Continue reading

Yogurt and Mustard Baked Chicken

This is a pretty simple concept: mix yogurt with a bunch of stuff, pour it over chicken, and put it in the oven. What’s not to love? The recipe I found from Dashing… Continue reading

Spaghetti Squash with Mushroom Cream Sauce

Ok spaghetti squash is even more amazing than I thought because this recipe, which was an adaptation of Herbie Likes Spaghetti‘s, was ridiculous!! Really felt to me like I was eating an incredible… Continue reading

Spaghetti Squash Deep-Dish

I wanted to make a stuffed squash, and after I found this recipe from Vegan Yack Attack for pizza-stuffed squash I was pretty uninterested in anything else. And one of the exciting things… Continue reading

Jalapeño Turkey Burgers

I have been obsessed with Di Paola turkey ever since twice: 1) When I walked by a farmer’s market thinking I wanted something sweet and then tasted a sample of their sausage and… Continue reading

Roasted Chicken Breasts with Cauliflower and Green Beans

I made this recipe from Lola Cooks with the lovely Meghan Kathleen on a lazy night in front of the TV, which is an important detail because it didn’t require much work, but… Continue reading

Glorified Lentil Soup

So named because we were trying to be experimental, and then Carey says it’s really just glorified lentil soup. Whatever, it was delicious, and healthy, and made use of all the random stuff… Continue reading

Sweet Potato, Kale, and Split Pea Soup

This was delicious, and beautiful, but also a lesson in reading ingredients: the recipe from Dough Eyed Girls calls for a can of diced tomatoes, and when I was putting the can into… Continue reading