Jalapeño Turkey Burgers


I have been obsessed with Di Paola turkey ever since twice: 1) When I walked by a farmer’s market thinking I wanted something sweet and then tasted a sample of their sausage and realized that was actually what I wanted (which only strengthens the whole craving-sugar = craving-protein thing). 2) When I tried to be a vegetarian for a month and was really unhappy and then walked past a different farmer’s market and saw their stand and that was the end of that. New Yorkers, take note.

Onto these burgers. I walked by a farmers market and picked up some of their ground turkey and decided to make these turkey burgers from Active because I still had a ton of jalapeños that had managed to survive in my fridge from my chili. Here’s how it went down:

– Mix the ground turkey with:
— A couple tablespoons of Greek yogurt (they say sour cream)
— Chopped jalapeños – I used 2
— Chopped garlic
— Salt, Pepper
– They say add Worcestershire sauce but I didn’t have any so I added in a pinch of each of the following, as somewhat directed from Food Renegade:
— Lemon juice
— Cloves
— Thai fish sauce (which I guess I was supposed to be keeping in the fridge? Oops! That’s going out)
— Garlic powder
— Onion powder
— Apple cider vinegar

– They say to make them into patties and the refrigerate them and then let them sit out before cooking them, but I skipped that part, and it turned out fine
– Cook them in grape seed oil (or whatever oil – they say canola or olive which both sounded like bad ideas) for ~5 min on each side
– Serve!

Totally unrelated, but the pan looked like it had some delicious stuff left in it after I took the burgers out, so I quickly deglazed it with some old white wine, and the deglaze is now sitting in my fridge waiting to be used for something. Suggestions?