Sweet Potato, Kale, and Split Pea Soup


This was delicious, and beautiful, but also a lesson in reading ingredients: the recipe from Dough Eyed Girls calls for a can of diced tomatoes, and when I was putting the can into the pot I noticed I had picked up the kind “with Italian herbs”. And then when I tasted it it seemed a little unnaturally sweet, and sure enough, one of the “Italian herbs” was sugar – I guess. So anyway, watch out for that, and your soup will be even more delicious and better for you than mine was.

The soup:
– Sauté onions in olive oil
– Add in diced sweet potato (or yam? I even tried to read about the difference and I still don’t know, so not totally sure what I used)
– Add in garlic
– Add in a bunch of curry powder and cumin, and let sauté for a bit longer
– Add in chicken broth (sub for veg) (and actually I think I used drippings from my Orange Chicken – I need to be better about labeling these things)
– Add in a can of diced tomatoes (preferably that’s all that will be in your can)
– Add in ~1c yellow split peas (the recipe actually calls for lentils, which is what I thought I had – surprise! But turns out they have similar cooking instructions, so I didn’t worry about it, and it turned out fine)
– Add in a couple cups of water, depending how brothy you want the soup
– Simmer until the split peas are soft, which for me took maybe an hour and a half? Maybe longer? I was watching a movie (that I had to interrupt every 20 minutes to go check on them)

– When the split peas are soft, add in:
— Diced green pepper (or they say you can do red, but all the green makes it so pretty!)
— Diced zucchini
— Bunch of chopped kale
– Simmer for 10 more minutes
– Season and serve!