Baked Apple with Almond Egg-White Filling


This was one of those recipes where I pretty much had everything in my kitchen to make it anyway, I just needed apples. And I actually bought 3 different apples to see which one I liked best, but then I ate 2 of them, so I made this recipe with my remaining Fuji (Judicial Peach recommends Macintosh, but this didn’t disappoint):

– Toast some almonds (I say about 1/4c per whole apple, which is twice what the original recipe calls for) (My almonds were already roasted, but I decided toasting them more would be good)
– Grind up the almonds and then add in
— Coconut sugar (although they say regular)
— Nutmeg
— 1tbsp melted butter
— Vanilla
— Half an egg white (or in my case, the egg white that had managed to keep in my fridge from the Linzer cookies – don’t ask me how)

– Cut the apple in half and core it – although not too deep. Also cut a little off the back so it will lay flat
– Sprinkle the apple halves with a little cinnamon and coconut sugar
– Fill the cavities with the almond mixture
– Bake at 350*f for ~30 minutes
– Do not be surprised when the filling part puffs up and looks even more delicious