Chili Garlic Leek Toast

Leeks!! I had two halves left over from my soup, and I’m heading out of town so I had not much else… but I have toast! And almost everything else for this recipe from bbc good food:

⁃ Toast (they say sourdough, I had gf challah – it ended up more of a fork-and-knife situation as a result, but totally delicious)

⁃ Yogurt (they say Greek, I had European)

⁃ Garlic (yup)

⁃ Lemon (no, but European yogurt is more sour that Greek, and I had some chives!)

⁃ Eggs (yup!)

⁃ Chili flakes (incidentally the only spice I currently have aside from salt and pepper – I will remedy this soon, don’t worry)

You just sauté your leeks with some garlic and chili flakes until they’re soft (and honestly if there is anything I would do differently it would be more garlic – always)

Then push them to the side of the pan and fry your eggs

Then assemble as follows (listed bottom to top):




Chives (or lemon juice)


Salt/pepper/more chili flakes if you didn’t already add too many to your leeks

Breakfast is served!