Beef and Chicken Liver Burger with Homemade Mustard

  I was with friends at the butcher and seeing ground beef made me abandon my plans of eating the chicken and broccoli that I already had at home. And then I thought about the bag of insides that I had managed to remove from the chicken this time… and wondered if I could put those into the burger!

I found this recipe from A Girl Worth Saving, so clearly I was not the only one with this crazy idea, which is encouraging! Even though the recipe just calls for liver, I planned to use all the different organs that I had. But upon inspection, the bag contained 2 necks and a liver… somewhat suspect. So I ended up just using liver. If you try this with the heart or gizzard or whatnot, please let me know how it goes!!

What you do is:

– Chop up the liver or whatever other parts you’re using and mix them with the ground beef
– Add in chopped red onion
– Add in spices. She says: salt, pepper, coriander, and “poultry seasoning” which is apparently rosemary and nutmeg (and more pepper)
— (For the record, she says to do this all in a food processor. I didn’t think that was necessary, and it turned out fine)
– Make patties and cook them! Which I did in butter on the stove, but whatever way you want

To complete the meal, I cut up tomatoes and more red onion and used lettuce as a bun. (Ordinarily I would also add avocado but I’m actually kind of overdosed right now…) And then I made mustard – sort of. According to recipes I consulted, it takes a long time to really make mustard, so I did a bastardized version of this one from Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, which went like this:

– Grind up some mustard seeds (as much as you want, depending on how rustic you want it [or how impatient you are])
– Add in some ground turmeric
– Add in some water and salt and let it sit… apparently the longer it sits, the more mild it gets
– Add in some vinegar (I used apple cider since that’s the only one you can use on candida)

And voila! (although they say to let it sit in a jar in the fridge for at least 12 hours before you use it, but I used it right away and it was good enough)