Spicy Lime Jalapeño Chicken Soup with (or without) Beans

  Here’s another in the set-it-and-forget-it category. This one from Heather Christo. Basically you cook the onions, garlic, and jalapeños for a bit in the bottom of a big pot (I used olive oil, which they sort of said to do) Then add a whole chicken and some broth, and go do something else for an hour. 

Except – when you’re adding in the whole chicken, don’t just plop it into the pot straight from the packaging and forget that they put a little bag of insides in the cavity……oops….

Also, I initially forgot about the beans, so I would say they’re optional. But they were good too, and make this soup much more filling, so up to you! They say to use white beans. I used white “navy” beans, which I think is what they meant? Or isn’t there a great northern white bean? Or maybe it doesn’t matter. Also I only used one can. 

And after stripping off all the meat, I directly put the chicken carcass into my slow cooker and made some delicious chicken broth. Yum!

This soup is so super delicious, and fun to eat, and good for you. And just in time cause I think I’m coming down with something 😦