Slowcooker Red Curry Lentils

  I wanted to make something hearty (in my slowcooker) that didn’t have meat. This recipe from Pinch of Yum is great. And it’s a lot! I cut the recipe in half, and it’s still massive amounts of food. But, delicious, and will not go to waste!

I did everything they did, except:
– Like I said, I made a half-recipe, although I didn’t halve the ginger or coconut milk
– I did coconut oil instead of butter
– I used brown sugar instead of white – mainly because it was the nearest sweet thing to me. I actually don’t think it needed any sugar – the tomato makes it sweet enough – so going forward I would cut this. 

Recommended: add a bunch of veggies into this one when your serving/reheating it (if you want more veggies…)

Also! Just learned from my roommate that you can cook rice in the microwave? Honestly this is amazing and also bodes ill for my future:

– Rince the rice
– Put in a deep or wide microwave dish (this will bubble over the way that oatmeal does…) 
– Cover with water up to ~your first knuckle
– Microwave for ~13+ minutes 
– Let it sit for a minute
Boom! Perfect rice