Coconut Kefir “Milkshake”

  I never thought this could happen, but… I am sick of avocado. I can’t believe it! So terrible. I hope this passes quickly. But in the meantime, I need another new smoothie option for breakfast. Smithspirations to the rescue!

I didn’t use ice in mine so I didn’t need to use a blender at all! Which was great since I am inexplicably up at 6am on a Sunday, and I think roommate protocol precludes using one. I also didn’t use stevia – it’s pretty much the only sweetener allowed on candida and I just think it’s gross. (The other one allowed is xylitol??? which I also think is gross, but for a different reason. Can’t believe anyone doing a cleanse would be ok using that, but whatever)

Anyway, all I did was mix together:
– Plain kefir
– Coconut milk
– Cinnamon
– Vanilla extract

PS… No, I am not eating melted ice cream! I use Talenti containers for my smoothies, and everyone always asks. Here’s the thing: Talenti containers are water-tight jars that are plastic (so light!) and the immersion blender fits right in so you just mix whatever up right in the jar and take it on-the-go. Also their ice cream is ridiculous, and I look forward to replenishing my jar supply in the not too distant future!