Unsweetened Almond Flour Prune Muffins

  I did not think these muffins from Life Is Good were going to be good – mainly because they’re not sweetened at all (except with dried fruit chunks) and because I tasted a bit of the uncooked batter and it was not promising. So why did I make them? Well, I’m on a no-sugar kick, and also a no-processed grains kick, and wanted something bready. And, amazingly enough, these were super good!!! Sweet enough from the prunes that were chewy and gooey and ended up in almost every bite. I have already eaten 4.

I followed the recipe, except………

– I used un-ground (golden) flax seeds. I tried to chop them up some, but they were basically whole (and I probably only used a tablespoon or two) This turned out fine

– Instead of half a cup of pecans, I used an assortment of left over trail mix that included pecans, and walnuts, almonds, and raisins. This also turned out fine, and probably added!

– I used coconut oil instead butter, or whatever other oil they were suggesting

– I used soy milk instead of regular milk or buttermilk – not that I’m a soy milk person, but that’s what my roommate had in the fridge (for those of you not in new york, we just had a blizzard, and I was not about to venture out) Although damn, I just remembered that I have coconut milk… Well, next time!!

– Also, I used un-pitted prunes and cut the pits out, and that was a huge pain!! Definitely buy the pitted ones if you have the luxury of forethought