Buddha Bowl

IMG_5667So easy!!! I mean, a lot of steps, but each one is easy and the whole thing is incredibly flexible and difficult to screw up – my favorite kind of recipe!! Got the original from Live Well Live Green, and basically what it is is:

– A grain – I used a mix of yellow and red quinoa

– A green – I used a bunch of kale, steamed

– Other veggies – I used:
— Mushrooms, sautéed with salt
— Sweet potato, cut into bites and sautéed with salt and pepper

– A “protein” – I used a can black beans, refried WITHOUT RINCING (the trick to amazing beans!) with salt, pepper, and cumin

– Garnishes – I used
— Cucumber
— Pumpkin seeds
— Avocado

– A dressing – I used green goddess

Prep everything, then arrange with the grains on the bottom of the bowl and everything else in little piles on top!

So delicious, so wholesome and so pretty!IMG_5668.JPG