Quinoa Broccoli Cheese Breakfast Bites

IMG_3956-0Here’s a case of What-I-did-was-good-but-following-the-recipe-would-probably-have-been-better (and actually I know it would have been better because my coworker who sent me this recipe from Hummusapien also made them and hers were WAY better) But mine were still very handy for my slew of rushed, lazy mornings, and here’s what I did:

– Make a cup or 2 of quinoa (they said regular, I used red – Mistake #1- the additional flavor did not add)

– Sauté all together in olive oil (or you can do the onion first, like I did)
— Onion (1/2, chopped)
— Broccoli (they say 1 large head, chopped, I used 2.5 small ones)
— Garlic (they say 2 cloves, minced, I used 4)

– Mix together:
— 5 eggs (I followed this, but my coworker used only 4 and I think the texture was better)
— 1/2c milk (I used ricotta instead – not sure if this was Mistake #2… I don’t think it really matters because they both have mild flavor and the texture was fine, but who knows)
— 1/2c cheddar (I used Asiago instead – definitely Mistake #3. As you may know, cheddar kind of freaks me out, but Asiago doesn’t have a strong enough flavor to replace it)
— Salt and pepper (and paprika – my addition – always a good idea!)

– Pour into greased muffin tins (this made 12 – I was sure it would make more but they don’t really puff up so you can fill them all the way) and bake at 350*f for ~25-30
– Let cool and then remove carefully from the tins so they don’t fall apart!

Totally edible cold if you’re running out the door, but better heated up. And they last for at least a week