Semi-legit Chinese Fried Rice

IMG_3990-0I wanted to make fried rice because I wanted comfort food, and I thought “why not actually look up a recipe” instead of just cracking an egg into rice with Tamari and calling it a day? So I found this recipe from (and then as soon as I made it I remembered what Chinese fried rice tastes like and wished I’d made Vietnamese fried rice instead, but next time!) Here’s how it went:

– Sauté half an onion, chopped, in oil until starting to brown (8-10 minutes) and set aside

– Mix a beaten egg with a couple drops of sesame oil and tamari (or they say soy sauce)
– Coat the pan [note: they used a wok, but a pan seemed to work fine to me] with more oil and then pour in the egg, swirling it to make a thin layer
– Wait for the egg layer to puff up, then flip it and cook the other side for a bit, then set aside (and chop)

– Heat more oil and then add in whatever you’re putting it – meat, veggies, pineapple, etc. I used broccoli ’cause that’s what I had. Also add back in your cooked onion. Cook for a couple minutes

– Then add in your rice (preferably cooked and cooled and a little old – mine was fresh which was not ideal, and it was brown, which was fine) and if you’re adding in chopped green onions and bean sprouts. Cook for a couple more minutes

– Fold in the egg and add in more tamari (about a tbsp for every cup of rice). Cook for another minute, then you’re done!