Kale Beef Skillet

IMG_3266Yes, another ground beef recipe – because I had some left over from the eggplant, and I had kale left over from the salad, and I could either do something boring with it or I could make this recipe from Native Offerings. Quick and delicious:

Mix together and let sit for ~15 minutes:
– Ground beef (I had ~3/4lb)
– Fresh ginger (2tbsp. They say grated but I just cut it small because I wasn’t reading carefully, and it was fine)
– Chopped garlic (4 cloves)
– Onion (and actually I was out so I used onion powder)
– Paprika (they say smoked but I only have sweet – it was fine)
– Red pepper flakes
– Salt

Cook in a pan with grape seed oil (or they say vegetable) until browned ~5 minutes

Add kale (I had about 7 leaves, but they say about 7 cups) and cook until wilted

Add in 1/2c liquid – they say some beef broth or water, but I used some chicken broth, and cook til evaporated

Top with ground pepper and serve!