Cranberry Kale Salad

IMG_3465The original recipe from Nourishing Meals calls this Christmas Kale Salad, which I totally didn’t get until I started making it and at one point it looked like a wreath!  

The kale in this salad never softened (they say it will soften after a half hour marinating in the dressing, but even the next day it was still pretty tough, so I would recommend using baby kale or else massaging the kale before you start) Here’s how it went!

– Place chopped kale leaves in a bowl with dried cranberries and chopped red onion

– Cover with the dressing made from mixing together:
— 1/4c orange juice
— 1/4c olive oil
— 2tbsp apple cider vinegar
— 1tsp mustard (they say dijon, I used chablis)
— 1/2tsp cinnamon – super interesting flavor addition, highly recommended!
— 2tsp orange zest
— 1/2tsp salt

That’s it!  Unless you want to follow their suggestion of topping with roasted pecans.  I did want to follow that suggestion, but in the process of roasting the pecans I burnt them. Twice. Oh well!  Was still quite delicious.