Blueberry Coconut Water Popsicles


I bought this cute little popsicle maker last summer because the one I already had made such big popsicles that, especially when I would make ones with avocado or other unusual ingredients, tended to be too much. So for it’s inaugural run, I decided to make these little gems from Moberly Monitor (which actually has multiple coconut water popsicle combinations – the basics is 2:1 coconut water to whatever fruit combination you want) For these I used:
– ~1c blueberries
– ~2c coconut water
– ~1/2tbsp honey
Blended all together in the old immersion blender, frozen over night, and done!

Here’s what I would say about these:
– They’re delicious, kind of like a frozen blueberry pie
– I find that cold things don’t taste quite as sweet as unfrozen things, so when you’re making your mixture to taste, keep that in mind
– The blueberry pulp was a little weird. I would maybe strain them next time20140701-112458-41098813.jpg