Almond Butter Banana Smoothie

20140702-115127-42687150.jpgMore kefir smoothies! (It’s the only thing I’m reliably making every day) and for anyone not into kefir, you can just use some sort of yogurt and milk-type substitute.

Anyway, this one I took from Stacy Makes Cents except that she uses peanut butter and adds in wheat germ and I think has a lower kefir content and higher honey content, but it’s all to taste!

Mix together:
– Kefir (however much you have/want)
– 1 banana
– Heaping tablespoon of almond butter
– Honey to taste (I just put in a bit and it still tasted a little sweet to me for some reason)
– Vanilla (this was brilliant)
– Something to make it more substantial if you want – I added chia seeds (a little soured on the protein powder at the moment… 1) it’s super processed, no matter what it’s made of, 2) I realized when I went to refill my jar of it from the big container that I had that mine was soy protein, which in my (albeit not-super-informed) opinion is the most processed and bad for you. So yeah, chia it is!)