Mango Lassi Smoothie with Kefir


Yes, it’s summer and all I want to do is drink smoothies. And yes, I’m obsessed with kefir. Moving on.

No ripe bananas or avocados at the store last night, but there was a ripe mango! So I decided to switch up my breakfast and make a mango lassi-esque smoothie. I have been obsessed with mango lassis ever since my parents fell in love with this Indian restaurant (not very) near our house, and I discovered that this sweet delicious drink didn’t “count” as dessert, even though it totally could.

I guess lassis are normally made with milk or cream and yogurt, but kefir works great! I just blended:
– Kefir
– An entire mango
– Some honey
– Some cardamom (my favorite sweet spice even though I’m sure you’d never know it from my posts – have to remedy that!!)
– (And then I added in some protein powder because today is Soccer Saturday and I know I’m gonna need it)

Blend, taste, add more of this or that… So delicious!! Perfect mix of sweet and tang and man cardamom is good!20140621-113049-41449223.jpg