Avocado Popsicles

I had been eying this recipe from Food Republic for a while – I mean, avocado anything! And now I think it is finally hot enough outside to make them!

So easy:
– Make simple syrup (2 parts water, one part sugar. Heat until combined). I used coconut sugar, as per usual, which meant that the end result was a little browner looking than it would have been with white sugar, but the color is still pretty!
– Blend the sugar mixture with avocado, lime, and salt. I did what the recipe said – about 1.5 c sugar mixture for 2 avocados.

I think next time I would do more sugar mixture because the result is pretty thick! I would also add more lime next time, and I’m not someone who is super lime-crazed. I used a little more than half of one lime, which tasted good, but I think a whole lime would have been better.

– The last thing I did was add fruit to the popsicles, because I’d seen that done somewhere and it looked really pretty! And with how thick the avocado is, you can suspend the fruit wherever you want! So I added some slices of strawberries and nectarines – just a couple in each one.

I also put some of the mixture in an ice cube tray because I had too much. My recommendation on this would be to stick toothpicks or something in the ice cubes – trying to eat them as is can get pretty messy!