This month my book club is reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. (To be honest, we need a new method of picking books, but I’m enjoying it so far.)

I just got to the part of the book where he talks about why restaurant food tastes so different from home-cooked, and he mentioned demi-glace, which is basically just super reduced stock to the point where it’s just insanely flavorful. I had all this stock lying around from my crockpot adventure, so I thought I’d try it!

Anthony says to add to your stock: shallots, red wine, fresh thyme, bay leaf, and pepper corns. I didn’t have shallots or fresh thyme, so I used an onion, a couple cloves of smashed garlic, and dried thyme, instead. I simmered it uncovered for a very long time “until it coats a spoon” – in Anthony’s words. Then strained it.

OMG the result is so good! I immediately consumed everything edible from what I’d strained out. I have no idea what I’m going to use this for, but whatever it is, you better hope you’re coming to my place for dinner that night!

And the reason I say “that night” in singular, is because it really didn’t make much at all. I probably started with close to 2 cups of stock, and I ended up with maybe 2 tablespoons of demi-glace. So next time I would definitely make more! Also, I was tempted to throw some salt into the mix at the outset because my stock wasn’t very salty, but I’m so glad I didn’t because with how concentrated the flavor became, it was plenty salty at the end.