Cucumber Lime Basil Ice Cubes

I think I’m onto something here, although I don’t think I’ve nailed it. Here’s the concept: ice cubes made out of things you want in your drink – either to flavor water, or to keep your non-water drinks from becoming watered down. I realize I’m probably not the first person who’s thought of this… Nonetheless.

I puréed cucumber and lime together, added in chopped basil (I think mint would have been delicious too) and poured the mixture into an ice cube tray.

When I then added these cubes to a glass of water, the resulting taste was very refreshing, as you would expect. The texture was a little weird, though, because the cubes immediately started to melt and fill my glass with debris. It didn’t bother me, but my guess is that it would bother others.

So here’s what I would do next time:
– Make thin slices of cucumber, lime, and basil. Pack them into an ice cube tray, and cover with a small amount of water to make it fuze together. Or
– Juice the cucumber and lime, and then add in basil leaves (they’re so pretty!) and freeze that.