Squash ‘Crostini’ with Roasted Garlic and Fennel


So I think I’m officially an adult – based on the fact that I apparently love fennel, and that was one of those foods that, growing up, my mom loved and I thought was gross. I ended up roasting and eating a whole bulb, and then having to go get and roast another one in order to make this recipe.

I’ll also let you know that I figured out what the mystery squash is: Kabocha. And it solves a double mystery because growing up we always had frozen, defrosted ‘winter squash’ that I loved (and I think my mom didn’t?) and I never knew what kind of squash it was, but it was this one. And it’s still delicious!

Anyway, I wanted to do something with my new obsession for fennel, and with my old obsession for ricotta, and I wanted crostini, but without the bread, so I decided to put these toppings on thin slices of squash instead, and that really worked well!

Cover in olive oil, salt, and pepper:
– Sliced kabocha squash (keep the rind on – it ends up crispy and delicious)
– Sliced fennel
– A bulb of garlic with the top chopped off
Roast these at 350*f until the squash is crispy and browned, and the fennel and garlic are tender – maybe 40 minutes? I actually have no idea so keep an eye on it, but it’s fairly forgiving

Arrange as follows:
– Cut the squash into ‘crostini’-like pieces (basically just in half)
– Spread each piece with ricotta
– Sprinkle with salt and pepper (I found it works better at this stage than when all assembled)
– Put as much fennel on each piece as will fit
– Squeeze out and nestle in a couple of garlic cloves on each piece
– Voila!

Oh, and just based on my pictures, if there’s a green herb that you think would go, add that on top for some color