Chickpea Flour Cheddar Biscuits


It’s getting cold, I want comfort food. And since apparently almond flour isn’t that good for you, I decided to try to make something with chickpea flour (or really it’s a chickpea/fava blend that I’ve had sitting in my cupboard for I-don’t-know-how-long). Enter this recipe from Wheatless in Indiana:

Start with:
– 1c chickpea flour, or some other bean flour
– 1/2tsp baking powder
– Salt

Cut in:
– 4tbsp butter (they also say you can use frozen butter and just grate it in with a cheese grater – genius!)

Mix in: (I ended up using my hands for this part which was kind of gross, but the dough was too thick to stir)
– Grated cheddar cheese (actually mine was a cheddar-jack blend, leftover from the spider dip). I used more than they called for, probably closer to 1 cup than 1/2
– 1/2c sour cream (also left over from the spider dip, and quite a diversion from their suggestion of 1/3c skim milk! I figured that since sour cream is thicker it would be ok to use more of it, and that’s what I had leftover, so…)

Bake on a greased (or they say oiled? I used butter) cookie sheet at 425 for ~15 minutes until they start to turn brown

And voila!

A few notes:
– I didn’t read the part that she said about the original recipe not being so awesome, but I think I could have guessed as much, because who uses skim milk in anything?? Also seeing the second recipe there did assure me that using more cheese than called for would be ok. And that probably the additional flavor of the sour cream would be helpful
– Cheddar cheese, and really all block cheeses, kind if skeeve me out, I think because they’re so processed – are they? But especially cheddar because of the whole orange thing. I’m sure this recipe would work great with other cheese as well
– These were delicious and really made me want tomato soup (hint hint – stay tuned for tomorrow!)