Chocolate Chip Cookies

Something about traveling and conferences and being at the mercy of other people for food had been making me really crave baked goods, and I had the end of a bag of chocolate chips that was burning a hole in my refrigerator. Thus, I decided to make these cookies from Fit Foodie Finds.

Mix together:
-3/4c almond meal
-1tbsp coconut flour
-1 egg
-1tbsp honey
-1/2tsp vanilla
-1/2tsp baking powder (this isn’t paleo or GAPS, is it? Next time I will try with baking soda and let you know)
-1tbsp butter, melted (they called for coconut oil but I’m out and also I’m sick of it)
-2tbsps almond milk, unsweetened
-2-3tbsps chocolate chips (I just used whatever I had, which I think was about that)
– I also added in nutmeg, because I agree that it should be in everything

Make little mounds on a greased cookie sheet or use a silicon mat like I did. Baker’s 13 has all sorts of fun ones with cookie outlines, like the one I have that looks like a colorblind test, or another one that looks like a football play (which I’m a little sad I didn’t choose instead, but oh well).

Bake them at 350*f for 8-10 minutes, and then let them sit for a bit.

One note – these cookies really don’t spread, so if you want flat round cookies like normal, be sure to flatten them before you bake them, as opposed to at minute 8 of 10 (aka why mine look so messy).