Coconut Flour Pancakes

For brunch at my mom’s house, we made these coconut pancakes from Ancestral Chef that were quite delicious – even as agreed by those among us who typically eat regular pancakes.

– 5 medium eggs (my mom is the only person I know who has those)
– 1/2c coconut flour (roughly)
– 1c coconut milk (roughly, and we did a mix of canned and cartoned coconut milk)
– 1tsp baking soda
– 2 heaping tsps of vanilla
– Honey to taste (~2tbsp I think?)
And we used butter to fry them.

The recipe says they take 2 minutes on each side. Ours took way longer and didn’t really firm up until they had been cooked on both sides, so I would wait until the bottom was cooked enough that I could get my spatula under it, and then attempt to flip it in such a way that it didn’t splatter all over the place in the process.

But the end result was great! A little coconutty, which I think was all from the milk. And the texture was a little denser and slightly grainier than typical pancakes, but not really noticeably – especially if you top them with yogurt and berries and maple syrup, like we did.