Ginger Cookies

So I actually followed Comfy Belly‘s recipe for Ginger SNAP Cookies pretty closely, so why my cookies ended up incredibly soft (but still good!) I couldn’t tell you. Probably the honey, although that was in the original. Or maybe my (mom’s) oven isn’t as hot? Or maybe the almond flour I was using wasn’t very fine? They kind of ended up the consistency of peanut butter cookies.

Ok, dry ingredients are:
– Almond flour
– Baking soda
– Spices (lots of ginger, also cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom)

Wet ingredients are:
– Butter or coconut oil or some other semi-solid fat type (I used butter)
– Honey (but I bet you could use agave)

Put wet into dry. Bake on greased sheet at 300*f for 15 minutes, then they say to flip them over and continue baking at 200*f, but mine were still so soft at that point they were practically goopy. I just left them the way they were for 10 minutes, and then turned off the oven and left them for a while.

They turned out fine, but like I said, more like ginger bread cookies than ginger snap cookies. Also they were pretty sweet, which I know cookies are supposed to be, but honey is a specific kind of sweet that can be really intense, so I think they’d be good less sweet too. Yum though!