Banana Bread Bread Pudding

20130822-234128.jpgThis amazingness was born out of Banana Bread attempt #3, which wasn’t exactly the success I had hoped. But when I used it to make banana bread pudding, all was forgiven!

Here’s the Banana Bread:

I became obsessed with coconut flour after making muffins and so decided to try Things My Belly Likes‘ recipe for banana chocolate chip bread.

I followed it pretty closely, except that I used half coconut oil, half butter (I had forgotten to defrost a whole stick). I think the end result tasted a little more coconutty, but otherwise I can’t imagine it had an effect. The other deviation was I may have forgotten to grease the pan. I remember putting extra coconut oil in the pan, but I don’t remember spreading it around, and the bread definitely was stuck to the bottom, so make of that what you will.

This bread did not turn out how I hoped – it was crumbly, and it didn’t taste like bananas. Instead of going back on my theory that coconut flour is the answer to all my problems, I think I need to look for a recipe with some different elements, such as:
– A higher egg-to-coconut flour ratio. This one had 6 eggs and 3/4c flour, whereas my delicious muffins had 1/2c flour to 6 eggs, and some liquid
– More bananas. My banana bread attempt #1 called for 3 bananas, and that was reflected in the taste.
If anyone has a suggestion for a recipe, let me know!

20130822-234143.jpgMaking Lemonade (i.e. Banana Bread Pudding):

Instead of just eating this sub-par banana bread, I decided to make it into bread pudding. I used a recipe from Chickens in the Road. Basically what you do is:
– Cube the banana bread
– Slice some bananas (these ended up being the best part – OMG!)
– Put layers of both in a GREASED dish
– Cover with a mixture of milk (or almond milk, in our case), eggs, sugar, and vanilla
– Let sit for 10min-overnight
– Bake at 350*f for 45 minutes
– They say to cover it for the last 15 minutes, but we didn’t and it was fine
-TRY to wait for it to cool before you eat it

Success!! This was delicious, beautiful, and actually pretty healthy – just a bunch of eggs, which I think are healthy, and a total of 1/4c refined sugar in the whole thing!