GF Banana Chocolate Chip Bread, Take 1

So, it may be time to mention that everything I make from here-on-out will likely be gluten-free. Hence, my first real foray into using gluten free flour. And the reason this attempt is sub-named ‘Take 1’ is because I’m not super happy with the results. The flavor was great (banana and chocolate – what’s not to love!) but the bread was crumbly and there was something chalky in the texture. So gluten-free gurus, if you’re reading and you can pinpoint my mistakes, that might save me some of the trial-and error that is sure to follow.

I mainly followed this recipe from Gluten Free Goddess which called for some of the potential culprits:
– Gluten-free flour (I used Trader Joes)
– Baking soda
– Baking powder
– Olive oil

And I made some substitutions which could be responsible:
– Almond meal instead of flax meal (I thought the flax flavor might come through, and I’m still a little put off by the vegan version of the Mandarin Almond Cake)
– Arrowroot instead of xanthum gum (I don’t have xantham gum, and it sounds weird! And I saw online that arrowroot works as a substitution??)

Original ingredients I do not think were at fault:
– Cinnamon
– Vanilla
– Bananas
– Chocolate chips
– Salt
– Baking soda
– Baking powder

Substitutions I do not think we’re at fault:
– Coconut sugar for brown sugar
– Coating the bread pan with Earth Balance and omitting dusting it with corn or rice flour

The recipe was pretty simple though: combine the wet, add in the dry, add in the chocolate, bake at 350 – they say for an hour, but mine only took 40 minutes.