Orange Almond Flour Chia Seed Muffins

  So good that I couldn’t not blog! I have now made them twice, which is a rare occurrence for me. They kind of taste like lemon poppyseed muffins – except they’re orange chia seed. So great for breakfast, or whenever. And the almond meal makes them hearty. 

I followed the recipe from Edible Perspective almost to a T, except that I used dates instead of honey to sweeten – just soaked 6 or 7 medjool dates in a little water overnight and then smushed them up (incidentally, did you know that date mush makes an excellent ant trap? totally unrelated…) ANYWAY – here’s what you do:

Mix together:
– 3c almond meal
– 6T chia seeds
– 3/4t salt
– 3/4t baking soda

Mix together separately:
– 3 eggs
– 1.5T orange zest
– 6T orange juice
– 6T almond milk
– 5T melted coconut oil (still using it*, don’t care what whatever study says)
– 1/2c date mush (or they call for honey)
– 1T vanilla (so much!!)
– 3/4t almond extract

Mix wet into dry until just combined

Put into muffin tin (FYI – also my first time using silicon baking cups – so far I am a fan!)

(They suggest topping with slivered almonds, which I have forgotten to do both times)

Bake at 350*F for 25-30 minutes

Enjoy for life!
*ok turns out I didn’t actually use it: a discovery made post-blogging when Ben found the melted coconut oil still in the microwave – oops! So the upshot is that you can make these without oil, but they are definitely better with oil (: