Pumpkin Black Bean Brownie Muffins

  The latest in the breakfast brownie adventure and, I’ve promised, the last šŸ˜¦ These were terrible. Although I’m sure it’s not the recipe‘s fault, since I essentially cut out all the sugar, and tried to make up for it by cutting down on the amount of cocoa. So, yeah, my fault. Unsweetened cocoa isn’t great for humans. But they were kind of pretty!

– Omitted the sugar from the brownie part (but kept the maple syrup – not enough!)
– Used 1/2c cocoa instead of 3/4
– Used plain yogurt in the topping (probably would have been fine if the brownie part wasn’t so awful)

– Left the brownies in the oven too long. It’s hard to tell when they’re done because the top I think will always be wet so the knife will always come out dirty. Just take them out. Also possibly use muffin wrappers (whatever those are called) since these stuck badly to the tin, despite greasing, and created a pain to clean.