Radish, Turnip, and Beet Chips

  Oh CSA joy – so many radishes!! I still had some left over from 2 weeks ago, and then I got another bunch. And a bunch of beets. And I also had a couple salad turnips left from 2 weeks ago. And I’m going out of town!! And seriously, how many of these things can you eat in a salad before going crazy? BUT eating chips is easy, and I cooked up all of these things in the course of 2 hours (and will probably consume them just as fast). The original recipe from She Makes a Home is just for radishes, but I was correct in assuming that it would work for other roots. Here’s how it went:

– Slice your veggies thin (I used a mandolin on 1/16th inch setting and I think that was ideal)
– Rub them with oil (I used olive on some, coconut on others)
– Sprinkle with salt and pepper
– Bake in a single layer at 375*f for 10-15 minutes – WATCH THEM!! remove when they start getting brown

One thing though – I think it’s probably impossible to have uniform crunchy chips… there were areas of my oven that were hotter than others, and the line between “still chewy” and “burnt” is quite thin. I used a mandolin, but not expertly, so my slices were varying thinness which may have been part of the problem. But experiment!