Scallion Pancakes with Rice- and Chickpea Flour

  Also from my CSA (how many posts will be beginning with that phrase??) I got a giant bunch of scallions, and I decided to make scallion pancakes because everyone seems obsessed with them. I found this gf recipe from Snixy Kitchen which was pretty involved and fun to make, but honestly I don’t think the result was the best. The fried scallions-sesame oil-tamari combination was amazing, but the rice flour-chickpea flour-grapeseed oil was meh. Maybe there are other flour combinations that would work better – totally worth experimenting!! Here’s how it went:

Make the Dough:
– Combine
–1/2c chickpea flour
–1/2c brown rice flour
–1/4c white rice flour (they say sweet/glutenous rice flour which is probably different and maybe would have made these better? unclear)
– Pour over 1/2c hot water (not too hot because you’re going to be mixing it by hand and the water I used was just on the edge of too much)
– Stir and then kneed by hand for 2-3 minutes until it’s a play-doh-like ball/consistency
– Cover in plastic and let sit for half an hour

Make the Pancakes:
– Divide the dough into 4 and keep the ones you’re not working with covered in plastic
– With each piece, follow this very specific procedure (not sure what effect it has on the end result but it’s pretty fun!):
— Roll the piece out into a long oval of ~6″x3″ (make sure to cover the surface and rolling pin with more chickpea flour so it doesn’t stick)
— Brush the top with sesame oil and sprinkle with salt
— Roll the dough up the long way so you end up with a snake
— Coil the snake up into a little cinnamon bun
— Roll the piece out again into a long oval
— Brush with sesame oil and cover with chopped scallions (they say 1/4c per pancake which was a little difficult, but definitely the more scallions the better!)
— Roll up into a snake again and coil into a cinnamon bun again
— Roll out into a circle (they say ~7″ but when I rolled them too thin they started to fall apart, so just do what you can)

Cook the Pancakes:
– Heat some high-heat oil in a heavy pan over medium-high until water drops sizzle (I used grapeseed, they used vegetable)
– Cook the pancakes until starting to brown, ~2 minutes on each side

Serve the Pancakes:
– Cut into quarters and serve with tamari
– (Sprinkle the little orphaned scallion bits in the tamari because they’re pretty and delicious)