Chicken Avocado Burgers

  My friends and I made our (annual?? I hope!) trip upstate for Memorial Day weekend, and on my friend Adrianne’s and my day to cook we made these genius burgers from Laughing Spatula (and smashed sweet potatoes and tomato-cucumber salad – posts coming soon!) and they were AWESOME.  Here’s how it went:

– Mix together:
–1lb ground chicken
–1 avocado
–1 clove garlic
–1/3 c bread crumbs or almond meal
–1 jalapeño (minced.  And actually ours got made into a stuffed jalapeño popper the night before on accident so we didn’t add this in, and it’s optional, but next time I would add it…)
— Salt and pepper

– Form into patties and then grill!!  Not totally sure how to tell when they are done.  I think we gave them about 10 minutes, flipping them a couple times, and they seemed pretty firm and it worked out.  Let me know if you have a more sure-fire method!