Thai Coleslaw with Red Pepper Dressing

Well, it’s officially hot, and I no longer want anything to do with my oven, and I’ve been obsessed with this shredded cabbage salad from the deli down the street from my office.  Enter this recipe from the cookbook Rawlicious that my lovely friend Hilary got me for my birthday last year – Thank You!!  Perfect for summer.  Here’s what I did:
– Use a food processor or other high-powered shredder device to shred:
–1+c red cabbage
–1+c green cabbage
–1 zucchini
–1 carrot

– Then chop:
— 1/2 onion (I used red)
— 2 scallions
— 1/2c cilantro

– Add it all together with:
–1/3c pine nuts (they actually say cashews but I didn’t have any)
–1tbsp sesame seeds (they say black but I only had white – probably would have been prettier with black…)

Then top with the dressing:
– Blend in your food processor (don’t bother cleaning it first):
–1 red pepper
–1c olive oil (I definitely didn’t use that much, but that’s what they call for.  Maybe I used 1/3c)
–1tsp chili powder/cayenne mix (they say chili flakes or cayenne)
–2tbsp lemon juice
–2tbsp apple cider vinegar
–3tbsp tamari
–3 cloves garlic (watch out – I definitely did this and everyone could tell what I ate for lunch…But delicious!)
–1inch ginger
–1tsp curry powder
–1tbsp cilantro
–1/2tsp salt

This dressing is AMAZING and the salad was great – definitely summery and totally recommended.