Bison Fajitas

IMG_3741Every once in a blue moon you say, “Let’s make dinner” and then your dinner partner pretty much makes it all on their own and you get to sous! which is exactly what happened with these bison fajitas from Tastefully Julie.  So amazing!  We were in Houston, hence the fajita part (and the bison part…) and here’s what (he) did:

– Cut up the bison into thin, fajita-size pieces and rub them with a mixture of:
— Ancho chile powder
— Cayenne
— Mexican oregano (fancy! I’m sure regular would be fine too.  And honestly whatever mix of spices you want, but, you know)
— Cumin
— Garlic espresso powder (whatever that is – definitely delicious!)
— Thyme
— Salt and pepper

– Slice some peppers and onions and throw them and the steak into a cast iron skillet (or something that can go on the stove and in the oven) and sauté them until the meat is just brown with a little oil

– Put the whole thing in the oven at ~375/400*f for a few minutes – just until cooked enough, but where the veggies are still a little crisp

– Heat your tortillas (we used corn) on the gas burner if you have it, or in a pan if you don’t
– Chop up your fixings, like tomato, avocado, serrano
– Assemble to taste!