Roasted Sweet Potato with Dead Vegetables

IMG_3959Still getting into the routine in my new place, which means forgetting about vegetables in the bottom drawer of the fridge – oops!  What I had was onion, garlic, kale, green pepper, some mushrooms, and a couple of small sweet potatoes.  I stuck the sweet potatoes in the toaster over an 325*f for ~30 minutes, and then sautéed the rest of everything together (starting with the onions, adding in the garlic and mushrooms, then the green peppers, and finally the kale) I also added in my standard spice combination of paprika, coriander, salt, pepper, and a little chili powder, to taste.

To serve, I split open the sweet potatoes to make a bed, topped it with the vegetables, and topped that with some avocado (also dying, however since I discovered that avocados last almost indefinitely in the fridge as long as they’re unopened, it was totally still good enough to use!)

So good in a pinch, and so pretty!!