Stovetop Spareribs

IMG_3190.JPGThis recipe had been sitting on my Pinterest Inspiration Board for five months, so when I was home visiting my friend Rebecca and we were trying to figure out a fancy dinner, I was super happy with my past self for having thought of it. I read in the comments things like “I didn’t think much of this recipe because of the way it’s cooked, but it was so good!!” Which is exactly how we all ended up feeling. But seriously, who braises spareribs? (Ok I just googled it, apparently everyone) Well, now I know why. Here’s how it we did it:

– Place the ribs (we had about 2.5lbs) in a wide shallow pot so that you get one layer of ribs and not a lot of empty space around them (this will be important later when you’re waiting forever for the water to boil off, or you can just spoon some of the excess out towards the end when you’re tired of waiting)
– Fill with JUST ENOUGH water to cover
– Add in:
— 1/2c coconut aminos (which is what we did. They say soy sauce, but you can use anything in the family)
— 10 cloves crushed garlic
— 1tbsp dried rosemary
— 1tbsp dried oregano
— 2 bay leaves
— Juice of one lime
— ~7 sprigs of fresh parsley
— (We also added in salt at this stage)

– Bring to boil and then let simmer uncovered until the water evaporates (They say over medium heat this will take 25 minutes. However many of the comments and my own experience says it takes way longer, and you can turn the heat up higher to make it go faster)

– Once the water is gone, remove the bay leaves. Let the ribs brown and scrape all the goodness off the bottom of the pan. You may want to cut the ribs apart at this point (or earlier, or not – they don’t say anything about it and I don’t think it matters, but I cut them apart so more edges could get brown)

– Serve with lime wedges, more parsley, and black pepper