Baked Pork Spare Ribs

20140826-133445-48885913.jpgThis was part 3 of Rebecca’s and my feast – Rebecca had a number of imposing items in her freezer, including lamb shoulder or whoknows, but ribs sounded the most exciting. We had a whole afternoon, but not long enough for those slow-cook recipes that can take 24+ hours, so we again used a recipe from Paleo Comfort Foods which all-in-all took about 5 hours, although not much active time (so we were able to go to the beach, and make the 3 other courses during this time). The recipe says you can use a grill and make them smokey, but we just did them in her oven. Here’s how it went down:

– Pull off the “filmy membrane” from the back of the ribs
– Rub the ribs all over with your magical, delicious spice rub and let them sit in the fridge for ~2hrs
– Put the ribs in a 250*f oven, directly on the rack, with a drip pan below filled halfway with water
– Bake for one hour
– Flip – bake for another hour
– Cover in foil (or in our case, we just put them between 2 baking sheets, which seemed to work) – bake for another hour
– Let sit for a few minutes
– Serve

First time ever making ribs, and potentially my first time eating dry-rub ribs, so not a lot to compare it to, but I think they turned out well! The only thing I would say is to use a medium amount of spice rub, I think we may have overdone it a bit – so coat them, but don’t cake it on.