Matzo Brei Muffins


I had bought this gf matzah and I wanted to make matzo brei, one of my favorite Passover foods, but I wanted to do something fun. Enter this recipe from Cupcake Project (which I’ve decided is more like muffins, but that probably depends on how sweet you make the inside). So fun and unique! Here’s what you do:

Make the cups
– Get a bunch of matzah wet so it’s malleable (not tooooo soaking, and be careful if you’re using potato starch-based because that stuff disintegrates) then push it along the sides of a greased muffin tin and bake at 400*f for ~30 min until they’re crispy

Meanwhile, make the matzo brei
– Get some matzah wet again and add in some egg. I like about a 1:1 ratio, but people have their preferences. Also add in some milk or something. And if you want the end result to be more cupcake like, I would add in some sweetener, like maple syrup, and some vanilla
– Fry in a pan with some butter or something, like an omelet, until it’s cooked through but just barely

When everything is done
– Stuff warm matzo brei into the matzo cups
– Top with something sweet – they say jam, and I used strawberry, but I think next time I would stick closer to classic and make a maple glaze or something

Either way, super fun! Although I would say to eat them fresh or reheat as the crusts got a little rubbery