Apple Coconut Dream


It may not look like much, and it may not sound like much, but oh man – it’s delicious!

Mix together:
– Applesauce (homemade or otherwise)
– Coconut cream – the thick part at the top of the can if you get the real kind (I do about a 50/50 ratio, but you can adjust to taste)

– Serve sprinkled with nutmeg (or, again, you can improvise here. One of my friends suggested chocolate shavings, which would definitely add another level)

That’s it! It’s so good – like surprisingly good. For instance, I’ve been watching the TV show The Taste where the judges taste one bite of something, not knowing anything about what it is, and I was wondering how far I would get if I just put this combination on a spoon for them. Not sure, but seriously! And healthy too!