Cabbage Leek Latkes


Also for the Hanukkah party, in addition to the pear and sweet potato latkes, we made these Whole Foods ones, which are a great alternative if you’re not big into potatoes.

We made them the same way as the sweet potato ones, so this recipe might look familiar:

– Grate:
– ~1/3 cabbage (they say green but I used red because I couldn’t find green, but it worked fine and I actually think they were prettier that way. Just watch out because leftovers will be blue)
– 1 leek
– Squeeze these guys out in a kitchen rag (or paper towels will do in a pinch)

– Add in:
– 2 eggs
– Salt
– Pepper
– Some sort of thickener – they said flour, we used arrowroot

– Mix it all together and fry in large spoonfuls on a medium-hot skillet or whatever with ~1/8in oil in the bottom. We used a combination of:
– Grape seed
– Olive

– Serve with sour cream!

For the record, these were more popular than the sweet potato ones. And someone said they tasted like spinach without the weird spinach taste, whatever that means…