Pollock Pops

Originally these were supposed to be Pinstripe Pops – how cool would that be??! I had this vision of thin stripes of pastel creating these Popsicles, but alas, that ended up being more complicated than I’d thought.

I’d read various places about using semi-frozen fruit and yogurt, which makes for a thicker consistency going in, to make stripes or shapes in Popsicles, so I tried to do that.

I blended yogurt with three things, in three separate bowls:
– Blackberry purée (and a little honey since it ended up being super tart)
– Mango purée
– Bananas

For some reason, the blackberry ended up being super watery, the mango was a little watery, and I didn’t use much yogurt with the banana (and actually didn’t blend it that well) so that stayed pretty thick.

I think if they could have all been as thick as the banana (and I figured out some way to pipe it all into the tray in neat little rows so that gravity wouldn’t disturb the stripes – a whole nother issue!) then it would have worked well! As-was, the banana was super heavy, so that sunk to the bottom, and the mango sunk on top of that, and the blackberry floated around all of it. Created a fun, abstract art-effect, though, don’t you think? And super delicious!!