Avocado, Radish, and Fresh Corn Salad

So named because, of all the ingredients I included, I think those are the essentials.

Other ingredients I put in:
– Arugula (or any green)
– Tomato (or maybe a citrus?)
– Sunflower seeds (or any nut or seed)
– Hard-boiled egg (or any protein)
– Cucumber (or any other veggies)
– Cherry-lime vinaigrette (or any dressing)

Two ways to do it, both worked: cut everything into chunks like a regular salad, or mix up the avocado and mix everything into it and then place on a bed of arugula.

The radishes I used weren’t the super spicy kind, but I think it would have been better if they had been (although it was good as-was).

Also, not sure if you’ve heard me on my fresh corn soap box, but fresh corn is amazing!!!!! Raw corn is a vegetable, not a starch, and it’s so sweet and delicious! Just cut it right off the cob.