Cauliflower Pizza Crust

I gotta say, I’m looking forward to the day that I forget what wheat-based stuff tastes like. But until then, why even try? Let’s just make GF substitutes out of vegetables.

So, cauliflower pizza crust. Yes, it works, and it looks like pizza crust, and it tastes good! Although not like pizza crust. But try it out, because the fact that you can do it is pretty amazing in-and-of itself.

I basically followed this recipe from The Liberated Kitchen.
– Chop up cauliflower in a food processor until its like little pebbles.
– Steam the cauliflower (they said for 10 minutes, I only did it for about 2, but it seemed to work fine). I don’t have an official steamer, so I just stuck it in a metal strainer and propped it on the edge of a pot and covered it with a lid. That actually worked really well!
– Then squeeze all the moisture out of the cauliflower – they say to wrap it in a nut bag or cheese cloth. I don’t have either of those things (surprise, surprise) so I wrapped it in a clean kitchen cloth. And I squeezed the liquid out into a cup because it seemed like such a waste to let it go!
– Then you mix in cheese. They say Gorgonzola (which would have been awesome) or cheddar (which kind of skeaves me out) but I used Jarlsburg (which is what I had). Apparently you could make it without cheese too. I also ground up some pine nuts and added those in. And some fresh thyme, as called for. And some salt and pepper. And 2 eggs (they say one egg and one egg white, which I didn’t understand).
– Then you’re supposed to spread it onto a pan lined with parchment paper – which I would actually heavily suggest in this case, as my trick of just greasing the pan with a lot of butter didn’t cut it this time. I mean, it was salvageable, but it didn’t just pop off like it was supposed to.
– Bake at 400*f (I think I actually did 350) for ~25 minutes, and you’re done!

And apparently you can use this for pizza crust, or for other topping-based meals, like tacos or flatbreads!