Mancha Manteles – Yam and Black Beans with Plantain Tomato Sauce

I had a friend in town who has spent a lot of time in South and Central America, so this recipe is a mix of this one from Epicurious, and memory, and cocoa.

– We started with almond milk, sweet potatoes (well, really the leftover yam I had from the ricotta cups), and a large can of black beans with all the goop.
– Then we added in rice and seasoning (like one of those maggi bouillon things) and let that all cook until it was basically done. Then we added in some defrosted pineapple that I had left over from pineapple eggplant fiasco – which by the way, this recipe represents a way better ratio for pineapple in savory things!
– In a stroke of pure genius, we decided to add cocoa powder to the beans part – OMG I love cocoa in savory things! And this made it so rich, so good.
– Meanwhile we sautéed onions and red pepper flakes in coconut oil, added in plantains and tomatoes, and then put that all in a blender with lemon juice and a little almond milk to make a thick, delicious sauce!
– Hmmm, somewhere in there we also used garlic and toasted sesame seeds… And we were supposed to use cinnamon, but we forgot about that…
– Then we served it all together, topped with allspice and avocado!