Kale Avocado Salmon Salad

Another kale recipe – because when you search you never find just one!

This recipe from Whole Foods was exciting because it meant an excuse to patronize the extensive serve-yourself fish market within my local grocery store. Only problem was that they were out of salmon fillets – only had salmon steaks. Knowing nothing about cooking fish, I decided that would be fine. And it essentially was fine, but it meant a bit more work deboning!

We greased a dish with coconut oil and cooked the salmon at 350*f for ~20 minutes. Other than that we pretty much followed the recipe:

Smashed half an avocado with lemon juice and stirred in the kale, then topped the kale with the salmon, more avocado, and chopped jalapeños.

This was ok, but it was a little bland. Here are things I think would have helped:
– Do something more interesting with the salmon. Marinate it in balsamic or something
– Do something more with the dressing, like red onion and I don’t know what else
– Maybe actually use baby kale instead of regular kale like they suggest? Not sure.