Kale Cauliflower Tabboulleh

A friend was coming over for dinner and the only thing I could remember that I had on hand was kale. So I looked it up on Gojee, and found this awesome recipe from Steamy Kitchen. Steamy Kitchen rails against raw cauliflower in general but likes it in this case, and I agree.

Here’s the basics:
– Chop up kale super small
– Chop up a scallion (I used 2, could have used more)
– Chop up parsley (They said 1 sprig! I thought that couldn’t be right so I used half a bunch)
– Add in cherry tomatoes – I cut mine in half which I would recommend because I think they incorporate better
– I added half a cucumber because it was gonna die
– Now here’s the fun part: Grate cauliflower into the bowl using the largest size grating holes. You end up with these little white bits that are hard to identify, crunchy, and fun! I used about half a head
– Make a dressing from lemon juice, olive oil (I used coconut – I actually would advise against this substitution in this case as the coconut flavor was noticeable in the end result and I don’t think it went very well), garlic (I used 2 cloves, chopped, soaked in the lemon juice to de-sting them), salt, and pepper
– Mix it all together and serve!

Delicious, healthy, summery! What’s not to love?